The Moon concerns places of water, healing, and women. Mars concerns places of fire, and where there are ruffians, thieves, and other dangerous types.

A battlefield is a great example of a place you will find Mars in full effect. Mercury dwells in playgrounds, arcades, amusement parks and schools. Venus dwells in places connected to sex, art, and pleasure — bedrooms, restaurants, and cinemas, for example. The Sun — tigers, deers, and turtle dove. The Moon — Fish, rabbits, antelopes, cranes, partridge. There are just tons after tons of facts packed into the verses in the second chapter of She Who Illuminates the Fruits. And these facts are found nearly verbatim in most of the astrological scriptures and classics of India.

Students used to memorize these as well as kids today know the characteristic minutia of various Pokemon monsters. I will try to reproduce them here is a table for ease of reference. Let me give some comments on some of these that strike me. Jupiter controls Gold and Venus controls Silver. Thus the two most precious metals are controlled by the two most benefic and generous planets.

They delegate these powers partially to their regents, Jupiter and Venus, respectively. The Sun is a clear-headed leader, but Mars is a dark-minded leader. In other words the Sun makes a good king, while Mars makes a good general.

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Mercury is an artisan shudra because of his manual dexterity. Saturn is a misfit. People like me love Saturn. Remember that the Sun always represents dad and the Moon always represents mom. What this new information tells you is that if it is daytime, the Sun fully represents dad, but if it is nighttime, dad also gets represented by Saturn.

If it is nighttime the Moon completely represents mama, but if during the day — Venus will be a co-indicator of dear old mom.

26 Most Important Yogas in Vedic Astrology (Both Benefic And Malefic)

You can also read it to understand the relative stamina of planets. Saturn has the highest stamina and the Moon has the least. Maturity indicates when a planet really hits a human being. For example, Saturn — the force of death, matures at years. Mars, the force of sexual hormones, matures at The Sun, the force of natural leadership, hits at 50 and is followed by the Moon, indicating a more graceful and behind the scenes leadership.

Rahu and Ketu got ignored somewhat in all these tables and lists. Mantreshwara gives some compensating info. She has a real tendency to lie and talk bad about other people. Ketu has red eyes and a ferocious glance. The sun is Lord of the sign Simha Leo and also of the house where Simha is located. Sun signifies: Atma-Self, masculine, future, soul, physical body and health, heart, life force, courage, ambitions, pride, dignity, ego, vitality, will power, stamina, sense of self, power, fame, life, health, sovereignty and clothes, glory, inspiration, creativity, leadership, Father, teachers, authority, law and order, bosses, political leader, Kings or Presidents.

It has anger but momentary. East is represented by sun. Keywords : Peace of mind, connection or neglect, other people, the public, Mother, nurturing. The famous Vedic verse Purusha Sukta, describing the cosmic man, states, "chandrama manso jatah": "Moon was born from the mind of the cosmic man," i.

The Moon is close to us, and reflects the light of the Sun. The Moon is the most visible planet of all, to us here on Earth, because we can look at it so easily. It neither burns our eyes, nor hides in the deep darkness of space, like the others.

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  • Rather, the Moon is up close and personal, showing herself fully to us. The Moon is indeed very dear, close, and friendly. It's light is very nice and pleasing. Her full bodily lustre each month is a rising sight to see. The Moon rules the mind, the emotions, feelings, nursing, nurturing, mothering and the overall life of the person.

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    An afflicted Moon greatly shapes the personality in the direction of the affliction, whether it is harshness of character, sadness of mind, or an angry and aggressive nature. Similarly, benefic influences upon the Moon in a chart, or a well placed Moon we could also say, bestows the reflections of helpfulness, peace of mind, cleanliness all around, and so forth. The Moon is best placed in the first few degrees of Vrishabha Taurus where it is called exalted.

    Opposite from there, in Vrishika Scorpio it is least auspicious and called debilitated. The Moon is lord of the sign Katrka Cancer and also of the house where Cancer is located. Moon signifies: It is a cold, calm and quiet planet and represents mind, reflective, feminine, night, emotions, sensitivity, nurturing, security, past, past-lives, patterns of behaviour, receptivity, caring for others, heredity, Mother, motherland, the public or masses, popularity, inner contentment, money, general well-being, home, water, habits, subconscious mind, growth in early childhood, fertility, breast, menstrual cycle, eyes, lungs, liquids and nurses.

    Direction north-east, element is silver. Keywords : Physical strength, Focus, opinions, aggression, logic, discipline, recklessness, friends and Brothers. Mars is said to be the commander-in-chief of the assembly of the nine planets. It is also personified as the god of war. Mars is the Ksatriya of the Gods, meaning the warrior. Mars rules aggression, weapons, enforcement of law, emergencies, urgencies, weapons, energy, suddenness, rashness, anger, the colour Red, and related items and matters.

    There are points in all of us when we apply our energy and quickness, usually to prevent a disaster, or to save a situation. For example, we move quickly to catch a falling glass object. Mars likes to protect- we race to save a child from running into the street.

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    If somebody is hurt, we hurry to the scene. Mars people are often involved in causing bleeding with their weapons or stopping bleeding with their medical equipment. The gun of the soldier kills some and saves others. It's good to be on the right side of a person under the influence of Mars.

    A weak Mars makes one easily tired, jittery, easily angered, and reactive. Mars aspects 3 signs, the 4th, 7th and 8th signs from its own position. Mars represents the energy, stamina and brothers of the individual. If well placed, it brings strength and focussed energy, if poorly placed accidents and injuries. Mars is best placed in Makara Capricorn where it is called exalted. Opposite from there, in Katrka Cancer it is least auspicious and called debilitated. Mars is lord of the sign Mesha Aries and Vrischika Scorpio and also of the houses where these signs are located. Mars signifies: Energy, action, passions, male influence, courage, strength, motivations, anger, violence, determination, aggression, bluntness and boldness, injury, accidents, war, chemists, fire, anger, surgery, initiative, motivation, courage, technical or mechanical ability, sports - athletic, military figures, police, fires, physical strength, operations, muscles, blood, sexual vitality, weapons, machines, conflict, can inflict death, fire, selfish, criminal, goal oriented action, self-righteousness, land, property and real-estate, brothers, enemies, science, instruments, guns, knives.

    Its element is copper. It's colour is red and direction south.

    Vedic Astrology

    Keywords : Speech and communication, skills, intellect, dexterity, equanimity, neutrality, curiosity, playfulness. He is called Saumya, that is, "Son of Soma [Moon]. The Moon, being his father, is friendly toward him, but Mercury knows that he is son of the wife of Jupiter and so he is in conflict with the Moon, who seduced his mother. Mercury is youthful and causes youthfulness or immaturity in the chart in the house it resides.

    Mercury is the negotiator, so it rules in us the ability to be diplomats, negotiators, deal-makers, or good liars. Mercury rules all types of communications, spoken and written. A good Mercury in a chart makes for careers where speaking, studying, thinking, writing and other scholarly thinking related matters are necessary.

    A bad Mercury can work towards making a person dumb or odd in mental workings. Mercury, being youthful, is neither mature nor convinced about anything for certain. He is truly a gullible boy, so, he is easily influenced by other planets.