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Your Gemini horoscope eBook focuses on exorcising your inner your 7th house of marriage and open-enemies from Jan 3 to Feb

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The rest of the month will bring calm and a return of sexual passion. When Mercury, the ruling planet of Gemini moves into steady Taurus on the 5th, the Twins will desire more stability in their relationships. Single Gemini may propose marriage or ask their steady date partner to move in on a permanent basis.

The 14th can be a very lucky day for Gemini.


Use this luck wisely and ask for that big favor, date, or raise you've been wanting so long. Single Gemini can become confused about a relationship during the full Moon on the 22nd and will need some down time to figure out the solution to the problem.

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Gemini in a committed relationship with that special man or woman should plan a special holiday or romantic getaway with your partner. Make an effort to be more affectionate and romantic this month so your partner's attention will not wander in search of more love and attention, especially after the 28th. Gemini feels invigorated during this month of March, according to the Twin's monthly horoscope. Gemini will feel great and simply exude plenty of sexual charisma that will attract new admirers. New opportunities, sexual and career-wise, are on the horizon for the Twins, and single Gemini will have more social invitations to parties and dating than they can actually handle.

They may spend some quality alone time with an interesting new friend instead. The Twins may be pleasantly surprised by unexpected declarations of love this month. Gemini in a committed relationship with their special man or woman can feel a deeper level of devotion to their loved one this month, leading to passionate encounters. Sex can be especially uplifting for Gemini in the first half of March, thanks to lovely Venus in Pisces. February is the month Gemini will really enjoy themselves. Gemini will desire change and plenty of it, so finding an exciting new job, buying sexy new clothes, or getting a makeover, are only some of the changes the Twins will desire.

The weather outside may be gray, but the Gemini mind is as busy as ever with new ideas and plans for the future. Single Gemini will have a busy social calendar crowded with invitations to parties and dates.

Be sure not to stay out too late and skip much-needed sleep. Gemini needs lots of time to recharge their brilliant minds, not to mention their awesome flirting skills. Gemini in a committed relationship with that special man or woman will be delighted when sex becomes more stimulating this month. The Twins monthly horoscope indicates rollicking, happy times spent in the company of others this month.

With the holiday party season in full swing, few Gemini singles will be able to resist all the invitations and chances to meet new and interesting people. Gemini in a committed love relationship with a special man or woman will need to watch out that interesting work projects do not distract from family time over the holidays.

Be sure and set aside enough cuddle time with a loved one. Mercury moving into Capricorn on the 9th can indicate a preoccupation with career, and make Gemini ambitious for new horizons to conquer. Important purchases are made after the 4th. To lively Gemini, the cooler November weather indicates an extremely busy time of juggling love and sex with career and family. Single Geminis will be quite content to meet a friend on their lunch hour, skip that meal, work all day, eat on the run, then dash off to a hot date. They seem to thrive on this frenetic activity. Geminis in a committed love relationship with that special man and woman are only a little less busy than the singles.

Takeout food will definitely be on the menu this month. The full Moon in Gemini on the 25th will bring more opportunities for sexual encounters and multiple partners. Gemini's monthly horoscope for October promises more personal satisfaction for the Twins. When Mercury, Gemini's ruling planet, goes direct on the 9th, the Twins will start to feel their brilliant and charming best again. Their thinking will be clear and their judgment keen.

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Also, Gemini will feel more confident and be interested in all things pertaining to love and sex. However, later this month all things sexual can cool down a bit.

The romance that simmered in summer may now burn with a more gentle flame. Twins should take advantage of this peaceful time to connect deeply with family. Gemini in a committed relationship should relax and enjoy being together with that special someone.

Single Gemini men or women should take that class they've been considering. They will meet some interesting new people. Now is the time for Gemini to write that love letter or special song, or make romantic plans. Gemini may find their natural talent for mental juggling and masterful flirting may fall short of the mark after the 17th when Mercury goes into retrograde.

Be sure to pay attention to the calendar and the clock. This could really harm Gemini relationships or make trouble at a later date if you neglect loved ones. Know it will pass. If you were born under the Gemini sign, you are a spirited and resourceful person. Your August forecast is predicting a month of surprises for both the single men and women and for those already in a relationship. This will offer intriguing sexual experiences that will prove to be fulfilling in every way. This is a good time to be honest and truthful in every relationship.

Gemini 12222 Horoscope Month by Month

When you plan your date or dating experiences, do not make any hasty decisions in your regards to your relationships. This would be the cause of your pleasure turning into pain. Do not let your doubts or lack of confidence create suffering for you. Enjoy a date without worry. Every Gemini can expect their monthly August forecast to include fulfillment in many ways.

Every Gemini can completely enjoy the month of August in lively and exciting ways. Gemini can expect to experience a yearning to have a stronger connection within their personal relationships this July. The single Gemini may find that loving relationship that they have been seeking. The focus is on stronger relationships and connections. This is a good time to get out and start dating again for the single Gemini.

The Gemini who is in a relationship already will discover deeper meaning in all of their relationships. Monthly Horoscope June Gemini get ready to feel a powerful sex drive. Gemini just cannot be stopped this month as they will be filled with courage in June. That means the Gemini should get ready to go for what they want, whether they're seeking a man or a woman for a relationship, or simply a strictly sexual relationship. This may be the perfect time for the Gemini to take a chance on a blind date, or perhaps hit up the local bar scene.

They'll be able to take those chances in June. Otherwise, if a Gemini isn't single then they can try new and exciting ways to spice up sex with their partner. Pitfalls may await the Gemini that does not yield to feelings of others. Singles: May for the Gemini can prove overbearing for loved ones. Attempt to reel in volatile emotions as aggression and stubbornness can push people away. Keep tabs on the Gemini horoscope for the duration of the month to monitor for expected changes in mood.

Dating: A Gemini should cut back on dating for the month. Mars will be in Gemini for a period during the month, shaking up emotions and bring out the worst in Gemini.

Gemini August Monthly Horoscope Predictions | Sun Signs %

Consider carefully what is being said, how to respond. A short temper can fracture budding romance, or the prospect of love. Couples: Gemini couples should tread carefully in May. Sex is not the solution to angry words, but neither is walking away or turning the other cheek. Work diligently on communication, as Mars in Gemini will make civil behavior a hard won task.

This is a very important month for relationships. April will also be a great time for Gemini to personally find uplifted spirits. This will cause relationships at home and personal issues to be less important to Gemini. Relationships will change fast for Gemini this month.

The planet Saturn will help Gemini control indulgence in sexual desires. Gemini will find love in all places during this month. Normal monthly activities with spouses may lead Gemini to distrust spouses. This can also cause Gemini to accuse the spouse of cheating. This month will not be easy for any Gemini man or woman who is attempting to have a child. Single Geminis will have an easy time finding love of the sexual nature just outside your social circle. The Gemini twins will find fiscal happiness in the first half of the month, and this will assist in developing dating relationships.