If it's been a while since you and your partner have had a date night, tonight is the perfect time for one as the magic in the air will be hard for you two to deny. Time to start putting out the kind of vibes that you want to attract.

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Remember that love begins with you. You might feel the urge to get organized today, namely where your home and work spaces are concerned. How can you make the spaces you occupy sacred? What things could you stand to let go? Above all, take time out today to nourish yourself physically and emotionally.

If single and looking to meet someone new, the chances of doing so are strong today. You could meet someone around your neighborhood, through a friend, or online.


Libra daily horoscope – February 6 | Yasmin Boland

Know that you're at your most attractive now when you honor your creative inspiration and need for joy. Your finances are looking good today as you could manifest the cash you need now, especially if you're looking to fund a home related project or a move to a new space. Still, while the money is coming in, you're encouraged to think of the long term. Let family know you care. Your presence and charm are hard to ignore, Capricorn. So what will you do with this attention?

One thing is for sure, you don't need anyone else to validate you right now, so keep pouring love into yourself. Don't volunteer for anything. Postpone important decisions until tomorrow. Today you feel pulled between the demands of home and family versus the demands of career and your public life. With this particular Full Moon, you cannot ignore your career. Very likely, this is an old problem returned.

Nevertheless, because there's a Moon Alert today, do nothing. Wait until tomorrow. Be careful because this is an accident-prone day for you. Think before you speak or do anything. Not only is there a Full Moon, there is also a Moon Alert today, which means restrict spending to food, gas and entertainment. Forewarned is forearmed. Actor Ryan Gosling shares your birthday today. You are kind, caring, considerate because this is your time of harvest. Now you will begin to reap the benefits of your efforts in the last decade. This is why you will enjoy an increased influence and leadership in your relationships.

You deserve this time of success. Carry the Moon Alert with you when you're on the go Georgia's Daily Hit! Yesterday Today Tomorrow Subscribe Print. Order Now The Annual Forecasts are available for pre-order. Aries March April 19 This is a tricky day.

Daily horoscope for Wednesday, February 6, 12222

Taurus April May 20 Today is the only Full Moon in your sign all year, which makes you more excitable. Gemini May June 20 This is a playful, fun-loving day! You have the chance to let bygones be bygones today, when the bold Sun trines traditional Saturn in the most sensitive parts of your chart. This emotional albatross has weighed on you for far too long, Gemini.

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  • Choose empathy over anger and remind yourself that everyone is human and full of flaws. Fight for your rights, Cancer.

    Daily Horoscope 11 November, 12222

    While your sign prefers to choose love over arguments, there are times when you have to put your sensitive nature aside and boldly advocate for your beliefs. Today, a helpful trine between the courageous Sun and stalwart Saturn puts wind in your sails. Speaking up gives you a big self-confidence boost, and you could quickly become regarded as a visionary thought leader. Instead of waiting for the world to change, model that transformation yourself.

    Keep on keeping on! Instead of being frustrated about a stalled mission, go on a fact-finding mission. Everything CAN be figured out, Leo; you just have to open your mind, and your ears, to the right people. The blazing Virgo Sun gets a powerful boost from sturdy Saturn, setting you up for a win. What could you beta-test today, with even a small audience of supportive but honest friends? Let people workshop your vision with you. Their feedback will only make your plan stronger. Today, you may need to revisit an unresolved conflict in order to truly heal.