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Pisces Weekly Astrology Horoscope 8th July Pisces Weekly Astrology Horoscope 1st July Pisces Weekly Astrology Horoscope 17th June You may have to consult a doctor regarding your well-being. This week may prove fruitful for you. You may get opportunities to excel in your career during this time. You might need to work hard to achieve your goals this week.

Your health may remain functional, and your confidence and enthusiasm will continue to be up. For your finance-related matters, this week may prove favourable for you. You may be able to invest more amount of money in lucrative deals. You might be able to improve your living standards, and may benefit from your old investments.

There are chances of receiving inheritance or benefits from joint financial ventures. For singles, this week is likely to bring some good news regarding your relationship. You and your partner might develop excellent chemistry. Students might get expected results. For students, this month is likely to be tricky.

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You may face some sort of loss in your personal life. However, in the midst of it all, you may have to pay more attention and concentrate on your studies. Moreover, towards the end of the month, you would be in a good mood to be comfortable to focus on your studies. Work-wise, you are advised to use your presence of mind while making important decisions or else a small mistake could cost you dearly. During this phase, your energy levels and enthusiasm will be high.

You will be motivated to act and have the courage to face any situation with confidence.

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Finances will be sound and expect some gains from your wife or in-laws. You may not be able to make a saving as per your plan. You may have to bear some sort of loss in your personal life. Health-wise, your avid interest in partaking in sports activities will keep you from falling ill.

However, you are likely to suffer from minor ailments. If you have diabetes, you are advised to take due care. The same can be said for those suffering from blood pressure. During this month, you are likely to find yourself struggling to garner support for matters concerning your career. These issues may keep you on your toes. However, you must continue to work hard and not give up. By the month-end, things will improve. Health-wise, you may have to undergo minor surgery. However, no significant issue can be foreseen.

It would be wise to take due care and recover well to avoid further health complications. As for your personal life, you may be unable to spend quality time with your beloved, and that is more than likely to hamper your peace of mind. Singles are likely to meet someone interesting during this phase. The second and third weeks of this month are likely to be unpredictable.

You may even find yourself in chaos. However, it would be wise to deal with such situations with a calm head. Even in terms of your finances, this month is likely to have some lack of clarity. Especially the second week of this month will leave you anxious over money matters. You are advised to practice yoga or pranayam on a regular basis to maintain good health and a balance between your mind and body. Also, a proper diet will help you stay fit.

The natives of Gemini will find this month to be a bag of mixed results. In terms of finances, your savings and investments may prove to be helpful in critical times, which is why it would be wise to always pay attention to saving money. As for your personal life, married couples may find this month working against them.

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The two of you may have a lot of misunderstandings, and that could hamper your relationship to a large extent. Your career may be progressive and satisfactory. You may be promoted with or without increment though. You may be transferred to a new location. As a businessman, your ideas to initiate a new venture will be well received. Around the mid-month, you are likely to be bubbling with ideas. Avoid overthinking as doing so may stress you out.

Avoid making major decisions as some confusion is likely to be there around the 18th. However, on the whole, your investments will prove fruitful.

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Your business would make good and expected progress raising the turnover in the process. Work-wise, you are likely to receive a warning for not paying proper attention to your duties and responsibilities in the organization. Even businessmen dealing with customers are likely to face backlash for their products.

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They may also demand a refund for the sales. However, you are advised to use this as constructive criticism. Health-wise, no significant issue can be foreseen. However, it would be wise to tend to even the smallest matter as opposed to ignoring it. You are likely to face minor issues. However, these ailments may be persisting and will leave you annoyed in the process.

You may be prone to gastric issues during this phase.


The second week of the month is likely to be a little stressful on the whole. You may incur some losses and may even have to spend time away from your family and loved ones. The 17th of November may prove to be the most stressful for you. However, from the 18th onwards, things will begin to relax, and many of your issues will be resolved.

You will also feel a lot better emotionally.

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In terms of finance, your expenses may cross your expected limits, but the income from various sources like interest or social, monetary help would come handy. For Leos, this month will require them to prove their mettle. Your married life is likely to be disturbed due to one reason or the other. You may be under stress due to the same, and that mindset is likely to hamper all areas of your life. Even students are likely to falter in their studies and schedule.

You are advised to focus on your education as it will aid in shaping your future. On the bright side, you are likely to have no health issues as you will make efforts to stay healthy. You may pick a sport like badminton, swimming or table tennis. However, you are advised not to over-exert yourself as it may hamper your health. The mid-month is likely to be great on the whole. However, the 17th of November is likely to leave you stressed.