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We can describe this time in one of three ways:. I use all three styles depending on what I am examining. Whenever I use the binary term as shown in point three above, the first name always refers to the earlier period. Therefore, currently the world is in:. Suffice to say at this point, it is only in to the 15 th century around AD that all the sub-ages, micro-ages, nano-ages and their respective decans plus overflows show compelling correlations to historical events down to 5 month periods nano-age decans that I can confidently say the Age of Aquarius arrived in or possibly late Furthermore, the 15 th century start for an age is supported by historians.

Even Wikipedia states that in traditional historiography, modernity arrived in the 15 th century as the following extract states:.

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Tables 7a displays ages with age decans and sub-ages while Table 7b displays the first four sub-ages in the Age of Aquarius with their respective micro-ages but no binary terms or overflow periods. Table 7b — The first four sub-ages in the Age of Aquarius with micro-age breakdown. The basic or core structure of the ages and sub-periods are established by the geometric application of dwads as described above.

However, another structure can be derived from the core ages and their sub-periods that provide great utilitarian value. This alternate structure is based on the intersection of waves. Each age and sub-period is a wave. When a new period start, its power is weak and it gradually build up its momentum until its end then washes over the following period. But at which point does the growing period overtake the influence of the previous period. For example, when does the growing power of the current Age of Aquarius overtake the Pisces tsunami from the previous Age of Pisces?

The answer is the midway point.

Midway through the Age of Aquarius is AD. Past this point the Pisces age overflow continues, but is now subordinate to Aquarius. Now Pisces had its own tussle with Aries an age before, and in AD Pisces overtook Aries and became the dominant sign. The same approach can be taken with sub-ages, micro-ages, nano-ages and their respective decans to produce quasi sub-ages, quasi micro-ages and quasi nano-ages plus quasi decans associated with all these sub-periods. However most astrology books have the Age of Pisces commencing with Jesus despite the fact there was absolutely no justification for doing so based on Vernal Point method developed by Hipparchus to calibrate the ages.

Therefore the Vernal Point method of calibration developed by Hipparchus an age ago is symbolically relatively accurate for calibrating the quasi-ages, but not the real ages. However, it is important to understand that the relationship between different levels of quasi periods is eccentric i. The quasi-decans of any period always align in time with their parent quasi-period. For example in the above table, the Pisces quasi age — AD conveniently has three quasi-age decans exactly interfacing with the quasi age.

The distortion at the next level down with sub-ages is even greater. Therefore the internal structure of quasi-periods is determined from the core structure of the ages and their sub-periods, and not from their parent quasi period. For example, the quasi-sub age decans cannot be derived from the quasi sub-age but from the real sub-age only. However the borders of quasi-periods and normal periods always align, one way or another.

The overflow effect does not apply to quasi-periods. The end result of resorting to quasi-periods is that it creates a situation with the ages and their sub-periods analogous to the four quarters of the monthly lunation cycle.


In the Pisces era there are two distinct periods — the Pisces age BC — AD and the Pisces age overflow — AD but each of these two period can be dissected at their respective mid-way point aligned to the Pisces quasi-age AD — AD as Table 10 displays:. The superimposition of the Pisces quasi-age on the Pisces age and overflow creates four stages roughly equivalent to the four stages of the lunation cycle. The third strongest stage is stage 4 and finally the weakest stage 1. These stages and especially their borders provide concise and significant historical correlations. The village of Rome was settled within a few years of BC, at the beginning of the Pisces age and Pisces era and Aries age overflow.

Rome was the empire of the Aries-Pisces age. Its final collapse occurred within a few decades after the end of the Pisces age in when Constantinople, the capital of the old Eastern Roman Empire, fell to the Ottoman Turks. What happened at the midway point in AD? This was the time the Aries quasi-age came to an end and the Pisces quasi-age arrived. Aries is a mono sign while Pisces is a key dual sign, and like the two Pisces fish, the formerly united Roman Empire split into two.

In less than years Rome was sacked and defeated a number of times and the Western Roman Empire came to a virtual end, but the Eastern Roman Empire continued slightly past the end of the Pisces era in AD. Though these quasi periods provide great insight on the flow of energy in ages and sub-periods, they always remain subordinate to the ages.

The Roman Empire may have significantly split into two with the arrival of the Pisces quasi age at the midpoint of the Pisces era, but Ancient Rome existed well before this point and the Eastern Roman Empire survived well past this point. Even the Western Roman Empire survived for a few centuries past the midway point. A pdf file of the above is available for download. Revisited — Part 1.

Females, Women and Feminists in the Age of Aquarius. Generational Astrology — Introduction Part 1. Trump is Representative of the Age of Aquarius.

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Purchase from Amazon UK. Click here to purchase in Australia. For a general understanding of the state of play of the astrological ages and the Age of Aquarius, see Wikipedia:. Fifteen year micro-ages may appear insignificant when compared to an age of over 2, years, […]. We have your book advert. Best wishes, Richard. In my previous post The Recession of ? Dated 3 Feb , I discussed the coming economic slowdown due to the arrival of stage 3 of the Capricorn nano-age decan and overflow December — May — October For an understanding of the mechanics of macro-astrology, see The Age of Aquarius for Dummies.

Secondly the Virgo nano-age decan May — October , the first decan of the Taurus […]. For the background understanding of these sub-periods of the astrological ages — read Age of Aquarius for Dummies. Both Taurus and Virgo clearly manifested in the economic developments of August because […]. For an explanation of the sub-periods of the astrological ages, see the Details of the Age of Aquarius for Dummies. The Navajo had a knowledge to three levels of classification of over insects! All kept in memory — and then there are all the other animals.

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Plus plants, astronomy, navigation, genealogies, resource rights, marriage rules, ethics … it goes on and on. Mythology, songs, chants, dances, stories — they all greatly enhance the ability to remember pragmatic information. There is a robust body of research on that — under the topic of primary orality — my field of expertise. Those rituals include songs which encode the entire knowledge system.

The sung set of landscape locations act as a set of subheadings to the entire knowledge system.

My research argues that this system is akin to the ancient Greek Method of Loci, and can be found in non-literate cultures across the world. As we all know, the content of the subconscious needs to become conscious in order to make a difference; in order to grant the freedom we all seek.

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But the implications of her work are what really excited me. Could we not access these encoded messages ourselves in situ, through shamanic journey, or dream states? Perhaps this is why fanatical sects destroy archaeological sites — on some level they know. I believe this is why sacred tourism is so popular at present. We spend inordinate amounts of psychic energy trying to maintain a status quo in our lives because we are subconsciously fearful of changes. What would your life look like if you opened completely to this sacred knowledge available to us?

What could you learn? What could you use to completely shift your life?